Guidelines for our Group Members

Please post pictures of your painted rocks before you hide and when you find, or you can participate anonymously if you prefer. If you find a rock, you can choose to keep it and replace with your own rocks or rehide for someone else to find. If you choose to keep a rock, you are encouraged to hide a new rock in its place. If you find a painted rock from another group, either post it on their page or please let us know in your post so we can share the FIND with that group! Also, PLEASE BE KIND. If you find a bunch of rocks, take a picture and post. Choose a couple you like best and hide the rest for others to find. We want to share the happiness and joy to as many as possible. When you paint a rock and place it out of your possession, consider it a gift and let it go. You may never see or hear of it again. If your own purpose was that it would only bring you joy to stay in control of your rock, then you’ve missed the point of our page. Do not get upset because the person that found your rock isn’t “playing the game” the way you think people should be playing. Let it go the moment you lay it down.


If you find a rock that is inappropriately decorated, please do not post pictures or share comments about it or otherwise bring attention to it. Let’s try to use this page as a place where we can gather together to share how we are spreading joy through painted rocks. Nothing more. Nothing less. Let the rocks write their own story, and step back and ENJOY being a part of something bigger than you! Please share all your POSITIVE stories with us! Spread joy and happiness through rocks! There are so many talented people in our group! Even though there may be a rock you HAVE TO HAVE, there will be no selling on our page nor asking where to find the rock. Any comments about selling rocks or asking to purchase a rock will be deleted. *** If you see an inappropriate comment, post or advertising, please click on REPORT TO ADMIN (right side arrow). This will send a notification to all admins and will be dealt with as soon as possible. This will allow us to delete post and block the member if needed. *** The admins reserve the right to stop commenting or delete a post for ANY REASON at ANY TIME.




Please do not hide your rocks so they would cause damage to property (landscaping) or interfere with wildlife Don’t hide in the grass where it could damage a lawn mower or become a projectile or on a ball field where someone may trip, but especially on the bike trails in the parks. Please be respectful of our parks. Do not deface park property or litter. If painting at a park, cover the table completely. Accidents will happen. Take precautions. It would also be thoughtful if you could bring an extra bag to use for any trash you might find on your adventure.


Please do not take rocks from private property or landscaping to use for painting. Please don’t trespass. Do not go off the trails or out into the woods to hide rocks. Do not remove painted rocks from private property. They belong to the owner of the property. Do not hide on board walks or walk ways. Keep the rocks away from wild life. If you decide to “Bling” your rocks, hide it somewhere it will be found by people. Do not place blinged rocks in the parks. We don’t want anything to come off and become harmful to our wildlife. Remember, no glass in parks.


Please do not hide INSIDE retail stores. Especially where food is sold. It is against the FDA regulations. Anywhere outside is fine. If in doubt, ask a store manager.


We do have permission from the City and County Parks and Recreation Directors to hide our painted and sealed rocks in the parks but again no blinged rocks or hiding on boardwalks. Be respectful of our parks and lets try to help keep them beautiful. We do not have permission to hide in any preserve parks like Weedon Island or Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. This activity is against their policies. They will pick up any rocks they find. The State and National parks have a Leave No Trace rule. Please DO NOT rock the state, national or preserve parks.




No advertising, articles or links will be permitted on our page and will be removed immediately. You can advertise your business on your painted rocks and hide once approved by admins. Offering a discount for your business is ok. For example… free ice cream cone when you bring rock into business. There is a minimum of 10 rocks to be given away for it to be approved. Links of ANY KIND, either in post or comments, will not be permitted and deleted. No events will be permitted on the St Pete Rocks page without prior admin consent. You cannot post a non approved St Pete Rocks event just by adding “rock painting will be available”. Your post will be removed. No events will be considered if there is a charge for profit to attend. Events from other Rock Groups will be permitted and posted. Please send to admin for approval.


You are encouraged to get together in groups for painting parties, Scout activities, BBQs, Etc. However, the only St Pete Rocks approved activities will be listed under EVENTS at the top of page. Asking for money for donations in the name of St Pete Rocks is prohibited. As a reminder, permits and rentals are required for pavilions in county parks. Do not rent them in the name of St Pete Rocks. Again, if there is an official St Pete Rocks event, it will be listed on the event page.




Negative comments will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS! The admins will make this determination. If a member continues to post negative comments, the member will be removed/blocked from the group without warning. Bashing members or admins will not be tolerated resulting in removal/blocking from group without warning. REMEMBER, the purpose of our group is to spread happiness and smiles by painting and hiding rocks. We are bringing our families and communities together! If you are unhappy in our group, there are MANY other groups in the area. We don’t want you to remain unhappy in our group because of our guidelines!


Please post your painted rocks, the rocks you’re hiding and the rocks you’ve found!  We do, however, request you refrain from asking where rocks are hidden. If you read the feeds, you’ll see where they were hidden, however, there are no guarantees there will be any rocks hiding when you arrive. If your post is to ask where rocks are hidden or if someone has found your rock, your post will be deleted!


With all the new members searching for rocks, remember, there are a limited amount of rocks out there. To increase your chances of finding, you also need to paint and hide! This is not a rock hunt. The more rocks out there, the more joy and happiness is spread.


Need Help… Ask an Admin


As always, your admins are here for you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns don’t post directly on our page. Please ask that an admin contact you or you can private message the admin directly.

The admins are Kim Laskey (Founder), Matthew Rodriguez, Monica Griffin, Amanda Marshall, Christopher Atkins, and Gianna D’Alessandro Haney.


Just in my opinion but if you are taking the kids out hunting for rocks but are not taking any to hide then you are missing out on a two thirds of the fun! Lets teach our children to share and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.


A quote from channel 10 news reporter, Bobby Lewis, He said it perfectly. “There are three parts to this story: Paint, Hide Find.”  #stpeterocks That’s it! Paint, hide, find, and post. Have fun! Be Kind to everyone. Pay it forward.