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еarn The concept is simple! Paint, Hide, Find, and Post

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duphaston usa еnforce Get together with family or friends and paint some rocks. Then take them out to hide around town. You will bring joy and smiles to the finder! Its known as a Random Acts of Kindness. Painting and finding rocks is for EVERYONE. Please join us and enjoy the fun!

aspirin usa offset Buy some rocks, get some painting supplies, find some people you want to create memories with, and get creative.

assess nioxin shampoo uk Take your rocks and hide them all over St Pete for others to find. The parks are a great place to visit while out hiding your rocks. Finding your first rock is so much fun. You can keep your rocks and hopefully replace them with your own or rehide it for someone else to enjoy.

dating odisha When you find rocks, please post them on our Facebook Page . This way the artist will see that they were found and traveling.

rencontre d'amis belgique Need inspiration? Search “rock painting” on Pinterest or Google Images to find many ideas. Artwork that is PG rated is appreciated as most of our finders of hidden rocks are children. Post your art work on our page. We love to see what everyone is painting.

sites de rencontre pour mariage Remember to write “” on the back of your rock so when someone new finds it they can post a picture on Facebook for all to see! Lets ROCK St Petersburg.

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