Welcome to St Pete Rocks!

We are a family friendly group of over 30,000 members painting and hiding beautiful rocks all over St Petersburg and Pinellas County. We are all part of the St Pete Rocks Facebook group and we post our rocks that we painted as well as all the rocks hide and find. Join our group and see all the fun we are having!

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So what exactly is the purpose behind our group and what is it that we hope to accomplish? It’s simple, really. By joining our rock painting group, it’s our mission to make someone’s day in the form of a hand-painted rock given a friendly face or an inspirational message. Of course, you’ll then have to anonymously leave the painted stone in a public place. When someone finds your rocks, we hope that they will post it to our page so you can see your rock traveling.

What’s the appeal? Active members cite the joy of spending creative time with family and friends, of giving back and spending time in nature. And then there’s the appeal of a treasure hunt: Families are walking streets, scouring local parks, searching trails and even climbing playground equipment to find the rocks.

So how does this work? You buy some rocks (since we live in Florida there aren’t many rocks to be found) Get some acrylic paint and small brushes and get creative.  Once your paint has dried for at least 6 hours, you will need to seal them with some type of gloss sealer. (Modge Podge or Rustoleum Triple Glaze are our favorites). Lightly spray them with the first coat. Let it dry until it is not sticky and spray again. The purpose of sealing your rocks is to keep the paint from washing off and not being harmful to nature. Once your rocks is painted and sealed, you should write on the back StPeteRocks.org so when they are found, they will know where to post the rock. The artist’s love to see their rocks travel. Also be sure to put your name on them so who ever finds them knows who to thank.